Looking for an online expat tax preparation service to easily file your 2019 federal and state income tax returns with 100% accuracy? 

How TaxTime works

TaxTime will ask some simple questions

Tell us about your income, kids, property and travel and we'll guide you through the information required by the IRS. We'll do the maths and make sure the correct forms are completed.

Our tax experts

prepare your return

If you are a new client, we'll schedule a quick call with you to review the information you have provided.

Our team of highly experienced enrolled agents will then prepare your tax return.

File with

100% confidence

We'll let you know when when your return is ready. You pay the preparation fee, we file your return and you are free to get on with enjoying expat life knowing your taxes have been filed 100% accurately.

US Federal Tax Return for Expats


Get started your 2019 tax return
and lock in our low fee

only $279

Nothing to pay now.
You only pay the fee when your return is ready to file.

USTaxGlobal is a US company so our fees are in USD and we do not charge Sales Tax / GST / VAT.



Includes all standard forms

for qualifying clients


(take our quiz to see if you qualify)

  • Form 1040

  • Form 2555 - Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

  • Form 1116 - Foreign Tax Credit 

  • Retirement and Social Security Income

  • Schedule A - Itemized deductions 

  • Schedule B - Interest and dividends 

  • Schedule D - Capital Gains from Investments 

  • Schedule E - Rentals (one property included)

  • Form 6251 - Alternative Minimum Tax 

Additional Services 

State Tax Return - $79

Spouse (married filing jointly)

non-US employment reporting - $99

First rental property is included in the fee.

Each additional rental property - $59.

Simple, affordable pricing


Our Simple, Secure & Affordable

online expat tax preparation service.

Better tax prep starts here.


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